Saint-Brévin-Les Pins – Port of Mindin

The anchorage point located east of the head of Mindin was the starting point of the Du Teillay in the morning of 2 July 1745 (N.S.), according to the log of Captain Claude Durbé. The light frigate or sloop was to take Prince Charles Edward Stuart to the bay of Bonne Anse located a few miles west of Saint-Nazaire and embark Prince Charles Edward Stuart on the evening of 2 July to take him to Belle-Ile, then the west of Scotland for the start of the Jacobite uprising. West of the anchorage located at the foot of the river bridge is also the location of an ancient fort dating to 1861 that now hosts the Maritime Museum of the River Loire, a museum dedicated to the history of the navigation on the river. This location provides some pleasant beach walks along the south bank of the river Loire with some interesting views on the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire on the north bank of the Estuary.


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